Friday, April 26, 2019

Burnby Hall Gardens Tulip Festival, and Pocklington

The first trip out this summer season with my support worker, to Burnby Hall Gardens and Pocklington in the East Riding. Pocklington is only about forty miles away but I've never been there before and so was really looking forward to going - I always enjoy visiting new places.

I was a bit disappointed with both the gardens and the town of Pocklington though. The gardens were lovely, but not very extensive in area, and I think the cost of admittance at £5.50 each was double what it was worth. The town was pretty enough, but quite small and although parking is free, both car parks were was the car park at the gardens. 

The gardens are conveniently situated right on the edge of the town centre and so when we couldn't find a parking spot at the gardens we drove to the nearest of the municipal car parks. It was also full, and so was the other we tried the gardens again, and then both car parks again, but there still weren't any spaces. We noticed that we could park on the street for up to two hours and hoped that would be sufficient time to walk round the gardens; well, we'd done that in just over half an hour and so had plenty of time for a cup of tea and to look round the small museum there.

We returned to the car and drove the short distance up to the Market Place and parked there so that we could look round the town.

We didn't go inside the church...there was a wedding taking place.

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