Sunday, October 21, 2018

Marr, Sprotbrough, Mexborough, Old Denaby, and Hooton Roberts

It's only eleven minutes on the bus to Marr and I caught the earliest bus on a Sunday to start my walk today, at  09:21, according to the timetable. I took photographs of the church and then walked across the fields to Sprotbrough - I passed a group of about two dozen metal detectorists busy at work in a field just before I reached Sprotbrough. Since the field was right next to where I was walking I asked a couple of the men if anyone had found anything interesting; as usual they were somewhat reticent with their replies.

After taking some photos of the church at Sprotbrough I went down into the Don Gorge but then slowly climbed some of the way back up through the woods before descending again using the steep steps in Pot Ridings Wood to join the TransPennine Trail going along the river, heading upstream.

Beyond Conisbrough Viaduct the Trail follows the course of an old railway, still running parallel to the river though. I easily found the path through the woods which leads to the lock on the canal [it's actually a navigation] therefore shortening my route by about half a mile...and it's a lot more interesting walk.

When I arrived at Mexborough I had to walk through a housing estate to reach the footbridge and walkway that crosses over the canal, river, and railway. By this time it had clouded over quite a bit, but the weather was still pleasant.

I didn't stay long in Old Denaby before I climbed up a grassy hill and then walked across the fields and down the lane to Hooton Roberts. On the way I noticed something that I couldn't identify hanging from a hawthorn bush near a gate; I photographed it but didn't touch it - it looked like it really ought to be in a chemical laboratory.

There are three buses an hour going to Doncaster from Hooton Roberts; luckily for me I had only two minutes to wait for one of them.

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