Sunday, October 7, 2018

Bamford, Shatton, Bradwell, and Castleton

I travelled to Bamford today, walked down to the mill, crossed over the stepping stones and continued across the field to reach the old railway line which took me almost down to the main road. By taking the 273 bus I was able to observe that the water level in the Ladybower Reservoir is still very low.

I crossed the road and turned down Shatton Lane, quickly walked through the village and then climbed up on to the moors, sticking with the track for most of the way to the footpath that goes down to Bamford. I knew there's a footpath which is a bit of a shortcut...and provides lovely views of the Hope Valley and the Great Ridge and so used that.

I climbed up the other side of the valley at Bradwell and took a couple of narrow country lanes and footpaths until I reached the road that loops round and then down to Castleton.

I should have had only ten minutes to wait for the bus, but it was fifteen minutes late.

Despite it being quite muddy in places I still arrived home wearing clean boots...just how I like to finish a walk.

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