Monday, October 22, 2018

Baslow, Fallinge, Beeley, and Chatsworth House

After walking fifteen miles the previous two days I needed to do a repair job on my feet last night and this morning; they've been been fine all day, the corn plasters and adhesive fabric tape did the job. 

I travelled to Baslow and walked to Chatsworth Park, climbed up the grassy hill to reach Stand Wood and then turned left at the top. When I was in the woods I could hear several stags bellowing in the parkland; they were very loud and it's a pity I couldn't see them.

This tall stile marks the boundary of the parkland, I think - fortunately I didn't have to climb right to the top of the tree.

The path continues towards Robin Hood - there are some lovely views.

Before reaching Robin Hood I turned right and took a footpath leading southwards onto East Moor. This path soon petered out and I had to find my own way through some dense bracken, which has fortunately died back this late in the year. Eventually, after about a mile, a difficult mile, also climbing through some overgrown woodland, I stumbled on to the prominent track which runs along the edge of the moor.

I came off the moor at the top of Beeley Plantation and walked down the road for half a mile until I reached the farm track going towards Fallinge. Fallinge is really just a cluster of three of four farms and their outbuildings, and a location that's marked on the map. 

I then looped back to the north and descended into Beeley. I lingered for maybe twenty minutes in the village; the church was open...but the cafe wasn't today.

I continued heading north to Chatsworth House; there are some nice public toilets there. I had nearly half an hour to wait for the bus back to Sheffield; I just sat on the bench at the bus stop and wrote out some notes for this blog post.

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