Saturday, October 27, 2018

Maltby, Hooton Levitt, Thurcroft, Brampton en le Morthen, Hardwick, Todwick, South Anston, Lindrick Dale, Shireoaks, and Worksop

I went on the bus to Maltby today - there are still problems on the trains. I got off at the first bus stop in the town centre and walked along to the church.

I then walked along the path through the woods to Hooton Levitt; I passed through the village without taking any photographs and then took the bridleway to Newhall Grange. I found a sheltered spot to eat my sandwiches although it was still quite early, and then needed to walk along the road for half a mile.

I found the footpath which goes pretty much parallel to the road, going past an old spoilheap which is now being used for commercial refuse tipping.

I did a short detour to visit the church at Thurcroft; it's nothing remarkable - a pleasant twentieth century building dating from dad's two years older.

I got confused after re-tracing my steps coming from the church but did eventually find my way to Brampton-en-le-Morthen; I think there's a hyphen missing from the sign though.

As I left Brampton I noticed that the missing hyphen had now been found.

I took the path which took me under, and then over the motorway, passing through a part of Hardwick I hadn't seen before and then reaching Todwick. There's a separate pelican crossing for horseriders to use to get across the very busy A57 road, right next to the regular one used by pedestrians and cyclists...I didn't need to bend down to take the photograph.

As I was approaching Todwick the driver of a car honked his horn at me and give me the 'thumbs up' sign - I'm not going to torment myself wondering why.

The church was locked but I was able to get inside the porch and take a photograph of the very nice Remembrance Day display.

It was an easy walk across the fields to South Anston. There's a lovely church there in a decent setting. I didn't go inside though because a wedding ceremony was being held.

About a quarter of a mile beyond the church I took the footpath leading to Anston Grange's not quite the same route as shown on the map though.

I skirted the southern end of Lindrick Dale and passed through an old picturesque overgrown quarry; the path was quite difficult in places because I had to climb up some of the narrow quarry ledges. This path continued through some woods and across open fields to reach the Chesterfield Canal, which I followed for the final two or three miles to Worksop.

The M&S Foodhall  is quite near to the towpath and so I popped in. Normally in Doncaster at the time I was passing [just after four o'clock] there would be a lot of reduced price items on the shelves...but today, at Worksop, there were very few. 

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