Saturday, October 20, 2018

Gringley-on-the-Hill, Wiseton, Clayworth, Lound, Sutton Cum Lound, and Barnby Moor

A walk with my brother today, although I wasn't certain that he'd be joining me until I saw him on the bus when I got on at my local bus stop; he doesn't use a mobile phone and this makes communication difficult.

Dean's not been to Gringley before and so we spent about half an hour exploring the village; it's quite a large village.

We then walked back along the road for a few hundred yards, heading west, until we reached a path going across the fields to Wiseton, a pretty estate village.

A short stretch walking along the towpath of the Chesterfield Canal followed and then we entered Clayworth from the north. Clayworth Church is famous for the Traquair Murals which are painted on the walls inside.

We crossed over the canal, followed a track and then arrived at the Idle Valley Nature Reserve.

There was nothing for me to take any photographs of in Lound, but I took quite a few in Sutton Cum Lound.

It should have been a short and quick stroll down the road to Barnby Moor to catch our bus back to Doncaster but we were delayed  by quite a few minutes at the level crossing as three trains passed on the busy East Coast Main Line. Dean gave me a countdown as one of the trains approached and I was able to time the taking of this photograph to perfection.

Just for interest, I also took this photograph; I was exactly 141 miles and 56 chains from London King's Cross station.

When they finally opened, the gates only stayed open for just long enough to let the two of us and three cars cross; the klaxons started sounding and the red lights flashing again whilst my brother was still on the tracks. Despite this delay though we still had fifteen minutes to wait for the bus at Barnby Moor.

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