Sunday, September 30, 2018

Ladybower Inn, Aston, and Brough

I got off the bus at the Ladybower Inn, crossed over the road and climbed up through some woods and headed towards the moors; it was a steep and difficult climb in places. Looking down at Ladybower Reservoir I could see that the water level is still quite low despite the recent rainfall.

It was uncomfortably windy and cold high up on the moors and so I took a footpath leading down to the reservoir; it was much warmer at the bottom of the valley.

At the earliest opportunity I got right down to the water's edge and was able to take photographs from some unusual angles and locations which aren't normally accessible because they're underwater. Several other people had had the same idea.

Eventually I reached Ashopton Viaduct, not too far from where I'd got off the bus a couple of hours earlier, and then headed south towards the dam wall. Like a masochist I then decided to climb up Win Hill, a climb of nearly a thousand foot - my second long, steep climb of the day.

I came down from the summit using a path that I hadn't used before, arriving down at Aston - there were some tremendous views of the Great Ridge as I descended.

Finally I walked along the road to the bus stop at Brough. Travelling back to Sheffield I was entertained by a young Canadian woman who was talking on her phone to a much older man who she'd met online and was very keen to impress; he lives in Devon though and she didn't realise how far away that is.

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