Monday, June 25, 2018

Lodge Moor, Bamford, Thornhill, Aston, and Hope

A themed walk in the Peak District today I suppose, taking in locations with unusual names; these names being Rape Piece, Foul Hole, High Lad Ridge, Gin Piece, Robin Hood's Cave, and Hope.

I caught one of the frequent buses to the terminus at Lodge Moor and then headed off towards the west, crossing the national park boundary at Wyming Brook Farm about twenty five minutes later.

Before reaching the Peak District there's still some quite nice countryside to be enjoyed though.

It was a relatively quick and easy crossing of the moors to reach Stanage Edge about half a mile south east of Crow Chin, a prominent rock feature.

This photograph doesn't feature Crow Chin - I continued walking in a southeasterly direction until I could scramble down from the top of the cliff and head for the lower ground to the north of Hathersage.

I turned to the west and walked across fields, down country roads, green lanes, and sunken lanes until I reached Bamford where I had a pot of tea and a large slice of delicious sticky chocolate and toffee orange cake at The Angler's, the community run pub and cafe in the village [I'm not sure about the positioning of the apostrophe...or if there even was one on the sign].

Walking across the stepping stones at Bamford Mill always provides a bit of excitement.

Next up was Thornhill and then a footpath which runs just the other side of the hedge which separated me from a rather narrow sunken lane which leads to Aston.

There was a photographic exhibition and competition inside the church at Hope; I went inside and cast my votes for my favourites.

It was the annual well dressing festival at the weekend and so the displays at the wellheads were still at the roadside - no photos because they were in shade and the contrast on the images I snapped is awful...however I did get good clear pictures of these two characters.

Finally, a couple of more traditional photographs I took.

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