Saturday, December 16, 2017

Stanton in Peak, Winster, Brightgate, South Darley, Darley Bridge, and Darley Dale

As usual when I go walking in the Peak District I caught the train to Sheffield; I then caught the bus to Bakewell and then a local bus to Stanton in Peak. The final stage of my journey, from Bakewell, was only twenty minutes, and wasn't I glad about that because it was colder on the bus than it was outside.

After taking some photos of the church at Stanton I climbed up towards Stanton Moor, initially going the wrong, but soon realising my mistake - at least there was a nice view for me to to photograph before turning back.

My photograph of the church isn't up to my usual standards, but the light was terrible and the church itself and its location aren't particularly attractive either.

As I approached the moor a few snow flurries started to fall; as there was already lying snow on the ground from a previous snowfall a few days ago, today was definitely my first snow of the winter.

I took a slightly different route across Stanton Moor today but still managed to visit the Nine Ladies Stone Circle and the Earl Grey Tower. When I reached the Nine Ladies I was alone...the ladies obliged by posing for me and my camera.

Quite near to the tower I noticed this brightly painted pebble left at the side of a must have taken quite a bit of time and effort to produce this. I removed it to take the photo...then put it back - maybe it's some sort of pagan good luck charm.

I took the footpath over the fields to Wensley; it would have been very muddy in places if the ground wasn't frozen hard. I didn't take time to explore the village - I've been here several times before. I quickly found the footpath which goes out of Winster just beyond the Old Market House.

The path soon joined up with the Limestone Way, which I followed for about a mile before walking along the road to the hamlet of Brightgate, from where I turned north towards South Darley. I had better results when photographing the church there.

Finally I walked the rest of the way to the bus stop at Darley Dale along the road. As I was passing some of the older houses at South Darley I noticed that they had all been given Welsh names - not the names of places in Wales, but actually Welsh words...most likely descriptive I should think. One of the houses is called 'Plas Newydd' and I can have a guess at its translation: 'New Palace.'

When I got on the bus I placed my pass on the scanner, and it fell off because the scanner had been placed at an angle, at a slope. The driver didn't seem to be surprised or annoyed at all - it must happen all the time. He just bent down, picked it up and handed it back to me.

Everything went well on public transport today and I enjoyed my walk, yet I spent over an hour and a half waiting for buses and another thirty minutes standing on platforms waiting for trains. This a far too long really.

UPDATE: It appears that the painted pebble was placed there by a group called Chesterfield UK Rocks

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