Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Another Visit to Leeds

I met up with a friend in a pub in Leeds today for lunch, an 'all you can eat' or 'all you can get on your plate' carvery - I certainly got my money's worth...even though I wasn't the one who was paying. Thankyou Damo for the meal.

I took my camera along and took some photos; the weather conditions were variable though.

After our meal we wandered around the city centre; this gave me the chance to take some more photos.

When we walked past the 'Kitty Cafe' on the corner of Fish Street, an establishment where cats are allowed to roam freely, my friend fancied popping inside. After struggling with the complicated and heavy external front door, and reading the strict and proscriptive house rules we weren't actually let inside because we didn't have a booking...although the place looked quite empty, of both cats and humans.

A few minutes later we found some quiet tearooms in one of the arcades; I ordered my usual pot of tea and Damo had a milkshake with toffee popcorn.

We then gradually made our way up to a pub near to where Damo works and had a drink and a chat for about an hour before he had to start his shift.

Living the high life.

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