Saturday, December 23, 2017

Carlton in Lindrick, Kiveton Park, Todwick, Hardwick, and Thurcroft

I needed to spend a few minutes last night transferring all of my walking equipment into a different rucksack; my regular one is now no use since a shoulder strap snapped in the Peak District yesterday.

Today I chose to go walking in north Nottingamshire and over the boundary into Rotherham borough, and so caught the bus to Carlton in Lindrick. I got off and headed off across the fields in a generally westerly direction, regularly turning around to look behind me to enjoy the view of the church in the distance.

The bridleway just beyond the point from where I took the first photograph has been re-routed; it's clearly signposted and looks to be more suitable.

My first destination was the club house at Lindrick Golf Course - it's easy to locate on the map. I then needed to walk across several areas of the golf course before reaching the Chesterfield Canal at Cinderhill Lock, lock number 41. The canal isn't very busy and so I was pleasantly surprised to see a barge passing through the lock...crewed entirely by elves of various sizes.

Obviously the walk along the towpath is easy going and I continued all the way up to the bricked up entrance to Norwood Tunnel.

I walked past the Old Colliery Offices and the shops at Kiveton Park and then found my way across the fields to the northwestern corner of Todwick, from where I had to walk down a road until I reached a footpath for Hardwick.

The fishing lake at Hardwick is a lovely spot.

Every stile along the final stretch of the walk across the fields as I approached Thurcroft was damaged, and a couple were in quite a dangerous state...I don't know if this is due to negligence, or sabotage. I emerged safe and sound...but quite muddy as I walked down the road towards Thurcroft. I increased my pace, hoping to reach the main road in the village in time to catch the bus back to Doncaster; I wasn't sure at what time it departs, but surely it would be better to get a move on rather than dawdle. I was disappointed to get to the bus stop five minutes after the bus was due to leave and so would have to wait fifty five minutes for the next one...or go back home via Rotherham. Just before the Rotherham bus appeared at the far end of the lane the Doncaster bus popped around the corner on its journey from Dinnington. It was running twelve minutes late...and this had worked in my favour today.

Apart from a twenty minute break to eat my sandwiches at the first bench I passed on the canal towpath I was walking non-stop, and quite briskly at times today, and reckon I must have completed a distance of about fifteen miles - I'm very pleased with that. 

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