Friday, March 18, 2022

Grindleford, Eyam, Housley, Wardlow, Ravensdale, Cressbrook, Monsal Head and Ashford in the Water

 I caught the bus to Grindleford today and walked along the closed road to Eyam.

I waked through the village and then took Tideswell Lane, a green lane that goes over to Housley, a tiny hamlet.

I continued across the fields to Wardlow; I spotted some alpacas in the distance, something I see on most of my visits to the Peak District now. A few minutes later my mobile phone rang, it was my landlord. He wanted me to take some photos and provide details about the large oak tree in my back garden that's causing some structural problems and needs to be removed. Therefore I needed to get home as soon as possible in order to meet an agreed five o'clock deadline, but it didn't really alter my plans...I just needed to make sure I got to Ashford in the Water in time to catch the Bakewell bus that departs just after two o'clock.

The path from Wardlow descends into Cressbrook Dale. Not long after reaching the bottom of the valley I arrived at the two rows of cottages at Ravensdale.

I walked down the road to Cressbrook and then up through the woods to Monsal Head. I was glad to see that all the annoying signs and notices that were ruining the classic view of the viaduct have been removed.

I passed four dewponds on the way to Ashford in the Water.

Whilst I was sitting in the bus shelter my phone rang again. It was an update from my landlord; he now doesn't need me to take any photos, or do anything...a tree surgeon will be coming on Wednesday to do the job. 

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