Sunday, March 22, 2020


I've decided to self-isolate for the foreseeable future, the only times I'll be leaving the house will be on a Thursady when I'll go to the shops with my support worker...and maybe go for a short drive to some quiet spot in the country for a short walk.

I think I'll be classed as being in one of the vulnerable groups of people who need to do this, I've got diabetes and acid reflux oesophagitis. Although my diabetes is well managed the medical profession doesn't yet know how my tablets might affect me if I get infected...and occasionally I get a coughing bout when my acid reflux flares up...not something I want happening when I'm out in public.

So...I won't be doing any serious walking, probably for at least three months - the furthest I'll be going is from my front door to the bottom of my garden, or from the far corner of my cellar up to the attic.

I'm going to try and keep the blog active, maybe with updates from my garden or musing on various walking or mapreading based themes.

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