Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Google Street View Virtual Walk: Hulme End, Warslow, and Upper Elkstone

The second of my virtual walks using Google Street View to visit the areas of the Peak District I would have been travelling to using the X71 bus service from Sheffield - I've got to do something to keep me occupied during lockdown.

Today's starting point is Hulme End, just over the county boundary from Hartington, from where I started yesterday's virtual walk. The bus would have dropped me off at the Manifold Visitor Centre, which is housed in the old booking office at the former railway station of the Leek and Manifold Valley Light Railway.

This was the only angle I could get from Street View; there seems to be a bit of a break in coverage here.

I would have needed to walk along the road for a bit before I reached my first footpath going towards Warslow; it finishes a few hundred yards short of the village and so I would have had to continue down the road.  I could only compose the one image from the village - I couldn't find any pretty cottages or a rustic pub.

I would have taken the southernmost of two footpaths going across to Upper Elkstone, which is nothing more than a hamlet really.

Climbing up to a location known as Herbage, I would have been heading back north; I think there might have been some nice views to enjoy from up there - it looks like the landscape is very similar to areas of the Eastern Moors that I am very familiar with. 

The path continues to the north, now going downhill. Lum Edge is over to the right and by looking at the map it seems to be rather insignificant compared to the Eastern Edges which I know so well.

My planned route then veered to the east, and then southeast, returning to Hulme End.....it would have been nice if there were to be time for me to visit the rather attractive pub a few hundred yards to the east of the bus stop, right on the county boundary.

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