Friday, January 25, 2019

Wadworth, Stainton, and Maltby

A later start again today - sometimes life's essential mundanities get in the way of walking in the Peak District. was a local walk...but I did find a few stretches of footpath which were new to me.

I travelled to Wadworth, a journey of less than fifteen minutes on the bus.

I left the village heading westwards; the path across the fields to Wadworth Wood was very muddy, but clearly defined. I turned left just before the path went through the motorway underpass - I was now heading heading south towards Stainton, another pretty local village. Just as I was approaching the village five wild deer crossed the road a few yards in front of me...I only saw them for a few seconds though.

The street I had intended to walk along was blocked by contractors' vehicles, and in particular a large lorry with a crane that was unloading heavy concrete beams. I ended up going the wrong way and did a lengthy detour along quite busy roads. 

The road passed beneath a railway bridge, and just a few yards beyond I noticed seven or eight sets of semaphore signals and an old wooden signal box. 

I know this line used to be a lot busier when the collieries were open, but these days it's a little used freight only line, and it's only single track; so why is there so much infrastructure right here?

I eventually found a track leading over to Maltby Common and the nature reserve, and then continued through the woods and down into the valley, where's there's a footpath which took me right into the churchyard at Maltby.

It was only a short walk up to the bus stop and I didn't have long to wait for a bus since there are four an hour going to Doncaster.

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