Monday, November 26, 2018

Ecclesall Road, Whirlow Bridge, Ringinglow, and Beauchief Abbey

I gave it a bit a thought this morning before deciding to go on my planned walk; I pulled a muscle in my right arm yesterday afternoon when I was helping my friend to move house...I was lifting a heavy suitcase, packed with hardback books.

I took some photographs of some different areas of Sheffield city centre as I searched for the bus stop from where my bus towards Whirlow would depart. None of the photos was any good though, so I've not included them today.

I travelled as far up Ecclesall Road as the bus would take me and then walked the final mile or so to the footpath next to the entrance of Whirlowbrook Park. It was a steady climb up to Ringinglow Road: there were some impressive views of Sheffield opening up as I got higher.

It was then a steady climb back downhill through some pleasant pastoral countryside until I reached Forge Dam Cafe in the bottom of the valley - there are public toilets here. I ordered a pot of tea and a toasted teacake from the cafe and sat right next to the warm radiator...after first looking at the paintings hanging on the wall. They're all done by local artists and are for sale as are similar paintings at other cafes in the Peak District area. I managed to get six cups of tea out of the pot...and the extra hot water which I always ask for.

I took the footpath which went up to the millpond and then walked along the road for nearly a mile until I reached the next path which took me back down into Porter Clough, but further up the valley.

The next path took me straight out of the clough, up to Ringinglow.

I returned to Whirlow Bridge via the Limb Valley and Whirlowbrook Park, passing in front of Whirlowbrook Hall; there are some disused toilets in the park.

Before crossing over Hathersage Road I noticed this date plate on an old wrought iron sign; I'm assuming that the initials D.C.C. stand for 'Derbyshire County Council.' I think this part of Whirlow was actually in Derbyshire until the county boundary was re-drawn a few years after this date, 1933.

I crossed over Hathersage Road and meandered down through Ecclesall Woods to Abbeydale Road.

[It doesn't open on Mondays so I wasn't tempted]

I turned left up Twentywell Lane, just beyond Dore and Totley Station and then left again, climbing up through some steep woodland until I reached more level ground at the top, walking next to a field where a herd of deer was grazing, then taking a path which seemed to bisect a golf course until I arrived at the area of parkland where Beauchief Abbey is located.

The abbey is in a lovely setting next to a row of pretty cottages: what's left of the  building isn't very big now - it used to be far more extensive in earlier centuries though...I think it might currently be used as the local parish church.

Finally, I needed to walk for a few hundred yards to the nearest bus stop - there's a frequent service to the city centre from there.

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