Friday, November 23, 2018

Warmsworth, Balby, and Doncaster Lakeside

I needed to make a couple of important phone calls and then go to the bank this morning before I could set off on my walk, so it had to be a local walk.

I caught the bus to Warmsworth, only about three miles south west of the town centre; the journey was interrupted by two teenagers misbehaving who had to be removed from the bus by the driver.

The old part of Warmsworth is quite attractive, and there's a lovely mediaeval bell tower - the view of it ruined by street clutter though.

I left the village and walked down a track running alongside the busy, and noisy, A1(M) motorway until I reached a road which I crossed  and continued on the old railway embankment, just skirting Balby and eventually reaching the main Worksop road. The railway continued in a cutting and then levelled out into open countryside for a mile or so until I arrived at the commercial outlets just south of the Lakeside area.

After walking round the lake I made for the town centre. When I reached the first bus stop someone was waiting for the bus and the bus was approaching and so I ended the walk a mile short of home.

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