Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moscar Moor to Hathersage.

Most of today's walk was done in thick mist, apart from the highest point of the walk at the northernmost end of Stanage Edge and the last mile walking into Hathersage.

I got off the bus at the county boundary on Moscar Moor and headed towards Stanage Edge. Instead of walking along the top of the Edge as I did the last time I was here, I decided to take the path which leads along the bottom of the cliff and then across the moor.

After stopping to eat my sandwiches in the sunshine I descended onto what the Ordnance Survey map identifies as 'Moscar Moor' but I've always known as 'Hathersage Moor.'  It wasn't long until the mist enveloped me, but the path was well defined and I made good progress. However, the line of the path soon became indistinct, and since I couldn't see any identifiable landmarks I had to start using my compass and head due south to where I knew the road was. The heather had  recently been burned back and so it was easy to just walk in a straight line with few deviations.

After about twenty minutes I could make out some trees ahead of me and a few yards closer I could see parked cars; I had arrived at the parking area at Dennis Knoll. I had to climb over a fence to get to the track which leads to the road though; obviously I hadn't come off the moor at the point where the footpath does.

The next stretch was a gentle descent to Green's House where I passed through a gate on wheels which was very easy to open, unlike last week when an unhinged gate fell on me.

By now the mist was clearing and so I took a few photographs. This one shows  the location of  Brontë Cottage, so named because of the Jane Eyre connexion with the area.

It was then a very pleasant walk into Hathersage with the sun getting stronger all the time.

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