Thursday, April 2, 2020

Google Street View Virtual Walk: Hulme End To Buxton

Another one of my Google Street View virtual walks, a walk from Hulme End to Buxton today; I'd planned to start several walks from this location on what was going to a stop on be the X71 bus route.

For the first couple of miles I would have been walking along the Manifold Trail,  going north. When I reaching a location shown as Pool on the map I would have left the trail and headed in a northwesterly direction.

My route would then take me to the north, passing well to the west of Longnor and picking up the Manifold Trail again,  soon leaving it again  though to get to Hollinsclough.

At Booth Farm I would have swung back to the northwest, passing close to Stanley Moor Reservoir and joining the Dane Valley Way for the approach to Buxton going through Buxton Country Park. I would have caught the bus back to Sheffield or Bakewell from the Market Place, or even one of the bus stops further south on London Road and so I haven't included any images of the lower town, where all of the tourist attractions are.

I'm sorry that several of the  photographs that I've generated from Google Street View are a bit similar, but it's the best I could manage...I didn't actually do the walk.

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