Friday, August 23, 2019

Meadowhall, Butterthwaite, Thorpe Common, Wentworth, Barrow, Elsecar, and Brampton Bierlow

Today I travelled to Meadowhall. The first thing I did after getting off the train was to closely study my map to work out where I needed to go after leaving the station. I walked along a road for a few minutes, heading north, until I found a footpath which goes though Woolley Wood at the bottom of Concord Park.

This is what the countryside looked like as I was approaching the hamlet of Butterthwaite, within a couple of miles of leaving Meadowhall Station.

I walked along the road to a place that I think is called Thorpe Common; it was uphill all the way until I reached a footpath going across the fields.

The next footpath I needed to find wasn't signposted and I initially walked past it before turning back; it did, however, mean that I was able to photograph this quite pretty cottage.

It was a lovely walk across the fields to Wentworth; going down into a valley and then climbing out of it, passing by one of the estate fishing ponds on the way.  I was surprised to see some Highland cattle as I got near to Wentworth; I couldn't get any photographs though because they were sheltering from the sun under a hedge, right next to some barbed wire and brambles.

Just beyond this point I could make out two of the four Wentworth Follies on the horizon, Hoober Stand and the Mausoleum - I could also see the spire of the new church in the village. I didn't visit either of the two churches today...they're both always open though.

As I entered Wentworth I passed by the garden centre; there are toilets and refreshments there - I needed neither today but I did purchase a cold drink from the village store a few minutes later

Wentworth is one of my favourite local villages - it's very pretty. I didn't linger today though, I just walked straight down the main street and continued down the road to Barrow.

There are some almshouses at Barrow, they're difficult to photograph though because they're surrounded by an eight foot high privet hedge.

I headed north and generally downhill across rolling fields to Elsecar. I walked through the Heritage Centre; it''s free admission and quite an interesting place to visit. There are also toilets and refreshments there. I called in at Brambles Tea Room and also needed to use the public toilets - just to wash my hands after re-applying my factor 30 suntan lotion.

I finished the walk by walking along Elsecar Greenway and then the TransPennine Trail to Brampton Bierlow where I got off and waited for a bus. The bus was fifteen minutes late; it would take me all the way home to Doncaster but the journey would take 75 mins. It went into the bus bay at Swinton Railway Station and I decided to get off and catch a train. I would have arrived in Doncaster quite a few minutes before the bus if the train had been on time...but it wasn't.


  1. I like village walks, peering into people's front gardens. I ought to have a drive over that way myself. Thanks for the pics.

  2. This is my neighbourhood and it is beautiful, with lots of walks nearby, and the transpenine trail is great for cycling!