Monday, November 12, 2018

Moscar, Fairholmes, Yorkshire Bridge, and Bamford

A bit of confusion this morning on the platform at Doncaster Station - a young woman from Eastern Europe asked me which platform the train to Hull, or maybe she said Goole, went from. She spoke with a very guttural accent and I couldn't understand her; fortunately for her Hull and Goole are on the same line and so she should easily have got on the right train...I couldn't help her though because I was just getting on my train going to Sheffield.

After arriving at Sheffield I then travelled on the bus to Moscar, high up on the moors and headed north along Mortimer Road until I reached the first footpath, leading to Derwent Edge.

The sign gave very precise directions.

I found the turn-off to the left, but the next few hundred yards were quite difficult, being boggy and overgrown.

It was an early start for me and still overcast and was gloriously sunny  for a couple of hours just  after lunchtime though when I took a lot of photos.

I walked north along the Edge for a couple of miles and soon got my first glimpse of Ladybower Reservoir and was shocked to see how low the water level is now. It was too misty to take any photographs of anything in the distance so I just concentrated on the rocks. 

I gradually made my way down to the visitor centre at Fairholmes, the path staying just below the Edge for a while and then looping back to the south. I passed some grouse butts done on the cheap, propped up against an old dry stone wall.

It's all Access Land up here and there are paths I just kept taking the one leading downhill until I arrived on the road not too far from the dam wall of Derwent Reservoir.

I ate the last of my sandwiches at the visitor centre and then walked along the western shoreline of Ladybower Reservoir...and quite often actually stepping right down into the reservoir: The water is so low that it's easy to do. It meant that I got some rare and unusual angles to photograph from.

The ruins of Derwent village were clearly visible and several people were exploring them.

Further down the valley some water was now visible in the reservoir.

I continued along the road, crossing over Ashopton Viaduct and walking past Yorkshire Bridge and through Bamford to reach the bus stop near to the railway station just in time to catch the bus back to Sheffield.

Although I was in a hurry for the final few minutes I still briefly stopped to take a picture of the church from the roadside...the lighting conditions were perfect.

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