Friday, July 27, 2018

Taking Some More Photographs In Sheffield City Centre

A frustrating few hours today going to Sheffield. I went to book a couple of tickets for the ballet at the Lyceum Theatre but the seats I wanted weren't available; I require an aisle seat because I'm tall...there isn't enough legroom when sitting in any of the other seats. I usually book well in advance, but Siobhan, my support worker, couldn't let me know until yesterday that she could confirm that she'd be able to go with me. I usually go to the theatre on my own; occasionally I'll take my friend Justin along if it's an Abba, Queen, or Meatloaf tribute act...there are a lot of complications though and it's never really a relaxing night out for me. I'm sure it will be much more pleasant going to the opera or ballet with Siobhan.

So, my time in Sheffield was spent looking around the shops and taking photographs. My trip got off to a bad start though; travelling both ways on the train I experienced long delays and crowded carriages because of a major signal failure caused by a lightning strike on some vital trackside equipment.

I've never seen so many people on the platforms at Doncaster; there were police officers there to manage the crowds.

The first place in Sheffield I headed for to take some photographs was the cathedral. I've not been inside the building before because it doesn't look very attractive from the outside. Inside it doesn't really work for me either; my favourite part was the lantern tower in the modern section of the building.   These twentieth century additions were built in a very sympathetic and traditional-looking way.

The rest of the photographs feature corners of the city centre which looked interesting when I spotted them.

Finally, my best bargain of the day was a large bag of salmon bellies for only £2.

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