Sunday, July 29, 2018

Fox House to Curbar Gap and Back

It's about two months since I last went walking with Chris and Maureen from Leeds, our previous walk was cancelled when Maureen phoned me to say that the weather was too hot for her and she wasn't feeling very well - I still went walking in the Peak District that day though.

The weather certainly wasn't too hot today; at times it was like midwinter...when I was out on Burbage Moor before Chris and Maureen arrived it was sleeting and there was a strong cold biting wind.

We made our usual plans, meeting up at eleven o'clock at Fox House. Although my train was nearly half an hour late departing Doncaster I still arrived at Fox House before ten o'clock and attempted to get in a couple of miles on the moors. After about twenty minutes because of the atrocious weather I abandoned this idea and returned to the bus shelter at Fox House to wait for my friends.

Today's walk started from Fox House. We headed off down the hill to the public toilets at the Longshaw Information Centre and then walked through the estate to reach White Edge. 

At a couple of points where a gate leads out onto open Access Land on the moors  one of these signs has been pinned.

Currently there are no bulls on the high moors in the Fox House and Longshaw areas - maybe the landowners are intending to graze Highland cattle up there. There are Highland cattle further south, to the south of Curbar Gap; they're very placid and friendly but I suppose it's still advisable to have the notices there.

It's a gentle climb up to White Edge and so Maureen was easily able to cope. It's then quite level all the way to Curbar Gap...there's even a bit of downhill towards the end. Although it was raining all the time it wasn't anywhere nearly as bad as it was earlier when I was on Burbage Moor.

We then turned north and headed back towards the car, walking along Froggat Edge. For the final mile and a half we returned along the same route at Longshaw that we'd used earlier going in the other direction and the weather had brightened up enough by now for me to be able to take a few photographs.

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