Monday, August 29, 2011

Fox House, Longshaw Estate, Upper Padley and Hathersage.

I chose today's walk specifically for a couple of reasons; I wanted to experience the heather at its best and to try one of the large breakfasts for which the Station Café at Grindleford is famous.

I wasn't disappointed with either.

I got off the bus at Fox House and within seconds was walking across the heather moorland at the back of the pub.

I wandered around for a few minutes, then crossed over into the Longshaw Estate; lingering for an hour or so in Padley Gorge and the area of Bolehill Quarry. Whilst  here I experimented with taking some close-up photographs of objects that interested me because of their shape, texture or the  lighting conditions - here are a couple.

I was soon at the café, and ordered a breakfast; indeed it was large - I needed both hands to carry the plate. I then walked over the railway bridge and took a photo of Grindleford Station, complete with old-style semaphore signal...I'm surprised they're still used on this stretch of track; after all it's the main railway line between Sheffield and Manchester and is very busy.

A fairly straightforward walk along a track to Hathersage Booths then followed, then along the road to Hathersage, but soon taking a footpath across a field and along the back of some gardens to arrive at a part of the village I hadn't seen before.

I passed by the bakery and couldn't resist popping in. Something called an 'Australian Slice' took my fancy; it was nothing more exotic than dark chocolate and coconut, but was delicious.

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  1. I love all the colour we get from the heather on the moors and I like your tree photo too. I've never visited the station cafe in Grindleford but I have heard it is good!