Monday, November 8, 2010

No Bakewell Pudding Today

Until I read today's weather forecast on Saturday -  wet and windy, I had intended to go to Bakewell with a friend today, just to look around the shops and the market; and to have a nice meal. He's not too steady on his legs, he's got a limp and needs to use a walking stick, and so even the gentlest of walks in the countryside would be too difficult for him.

I think he's quite keen to taste a genuine Bakewell pudding, although I'm not. They just seem to be like Yorkshire puddings filled with jam. I much prefer the commercially available Bakewell tarts.


  1. It wasn't a very good day for going anywhere was it.

  2. Hey - don't knock the pudding until you've tried it, Lee! Also, if you like pizza, come into our cafe and we can swap walking stories. Les (walkpeaks) see

  3. Hello Rob and Les:

    It's a much better forecast to tomorrow, so I'm planning a route to take in some autumn colours incorporating a lot of walking through woodland.