Sunday, July 30, 2017

Askern, Haywood, Trumfleet, Braithwaite, Kirk Bramwith, Kirkhouse Green, and Stainforth

Another late night in Leeds with friends and so I did a local walk today, I didn't need to be at the bus station until 09:30. I travelled to Askern Boating Lake - a short trip lasting only twenty minutes.

I initially walked in a southerly direction along the edge of a landscaped landfill area which looked quite natural. I then headed towards the east and crossed over the railway line, the Askern Branch, which isn't very busy, even more so on a Sunday. 

I don't know where the distance of 66 miles is measured from - it's certainly not London, which is a lot further away. 

I was walking through fields and meadows and as I approached Haywood I started to hear trains travelling on the busy East Coast Coast Main Line; a few minutes later I spotted one heading for London.

A few minutes later I crossed the line at another pedestrians-only crossing and continued on to Trumfleet.

I then turned north to reach the road that goes to Braithwaite; on the way I was approached by some Muslim horses wearing veils...I've never encountered anything like this before.

Braithwaite is an important point on the TransPennine Trail for walkers and cyclists.

I followed the road to Kirk Bramwith, crossing over the New Junction Canal at the swing bridge. The weather was perfect for taking photographs of the church.

I looped back northwards to the lift bridge at Braithwell to re-cross the canal and then walked along the towpath to the next lift bridge at Kirkhouse Green.

My next footpath started down the road to Fishlake, in places it was quite overgrown. By now it was getting very dark and it soon began to rain, maybe a couple of hours earlier than I was I made my way to the nearest bus stop, at Stainforth. I only had five minutes to wait for a bus.

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