Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cutthroat Bridge, Bamford, Thornhill, and Brough

I caught the first available bus to the Peak District from Sheffield this morning, the 273 bus to Castleton. I got off at Cutthroat Bridge, walked along the verge for a few hundred yards and then took the track which leads across Acess Land to the grouse butts on Bamford Moor.

Throughout the day the weather was far better than yesterday; it was only sunny for about an hour though, fortunately when I had the best views as I was looking down to Ladybower Reservoir and Ashopton Viaduct from Bamford Edge, but it wasn't misty, even when it was quite overcast at times.

This first photograph was taken just as the sun was starting to break through the clouds; I'm pointing the camera at where I've just been.

I spent about five minutes waiting for the sun to come out again at the next location, my first proper sight of the reservoir. It remained cloudy, so I moved on.

Maybe only ten minutes later and I was bathed in lovely bright sunshine; the views were magnificent; I think I struggled with the camera a bit though; the photographs seem a bit flat. Although it can't be seen on the photographs, when I was standing here I was able to see my first snow of the winter, a few remaining patches in the deepest and highest up of the gullies near to the top of Kinder Scout on the horizon.

I arrived at the road which climbs up from Bamford and then walked down Bamford Clough, a steep track with a lot of loose stones and debris from a concrete path which was laid many years ago. At both the top and the bottom the route had been blocked at one time; I could easily get past the obstructions...but it means that mountainbikers and off-road motorcyclists are prevented from going this way - probably a good idea.

I popped into the community cafe in Bamford, which shares the building with The Angler's pub, also owned and managed by the local community. I was tempted by the cream tea, costing only £2.85.  I decided to let the metformin tablets do a bit of work for me today; I had hardly any sugar at all yesterday, I ate mainly roast vegetables. I've walked at least ten miles on my two walks this weekend and so the calories won't do too much harm either...I don't want to be losing weight too quickly anyhow.

I crossed over the River Derwent using the bridge and the stepping stones at Bamford Mill.

It was only a short walk across the fields to Thornhill; as I passed the Primitive Methodist Chapel I noticed how primitive indeed they are, or were then, the letter 'Z' on the inscription is written back-to-front.

It was a steady walk downhill to the main Hope Valley trunk road. Yet again my path was blocked, this time it was just probably someone being thoughtless...I just walked straight over it.

I decided to catch the bus back to Sheffield from the bus shelter at Brough and I didn't have long to wait.

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