Sunday, November 15, 2015

From The Archives: Bakewell

Well, I've reached the letter 'B' in my list of places I've visited in the Peak District. There's plenty of choice; Bakewell, Buxton, Baslow, Beeley, Bradwell, and Bradfield. I'll be featuring them all but will start with Bakewell, the capital of the Peak District.

The town is famous for its tarts and puddings but the thing I like the most about Bakewell is its courtyards. There must be at least half a dozen of them, all of them wonderfully colourful in summer with their hanging baskets and flowers growing in pots and all sorts of interesting containers, haphazardly positioned; there's even  a mature grape vine in one of them. They all have quirky independent shops, and cafes with outdoor seating, which helps to create a wonderful atmosphere.

My favourite courtyard is King's Court, right on the edge of the town centre on the hill that leads up to the church; I think many visitors to the town will actually overlook this idyllic spot. 

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