Friday, May 15, 2015

Sandall Beat Wood and South Moor Wood

Another short walk with my support worker today; it's better than just sitting in the house or the garden. We travelled just over a mile in the car to Sandall Beat Wood and extended the walk to take in parts of South Moor Wood, an area that is mainly the grassed over former spoilheap of Markham Main Colliery at Armthorpe.

There were thousands of tadpoles in the ponds.

We climbed up to the summit of the landscaped spoilheap, it's not that high, maybe a hundred foot, but there are all round views in almost every direction.

The gorse was past it best by now, but the broom was in full blossom.

Not a bad walk at all...and it's only a couple of miles from the town centre.

On the way back to the carpark I spotted a couple of grey squirrels; they were too quick for me to get a photograph. The frozen lobster that I bought for a fiver at Lidl on the way home was a lot slower though.

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