Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fox House, Totley Moor, Longshaw Estate and Back to Fox House.

My first circular walk. At Fox House I walked a few hundred yards back along the road towards Sheffield and then took the footpath which leads in an easterly direction across Totley Moor. It was easy going, being fairly flat and a well-defined path.

It wasn't long until I had distant views of the western suburbs of Sheffield, unfortunately spoiled today by the hazy weather conditions. I stayed on high ground and looped back across the moor taking a more southerly route, heading for what looked like a rather impressive cairn. When I reached it though it was something I haven't come across before, a combination of cairn, grouse butt and shelter; marked as an enclosure on the Ordnance Survey map when I checked.

A few minutes later I stopped to eat my sandwiches near to the remains of a drystone wall and noticed a strange insect which looked like an elongated beetle - it was an inch and a half long. I've never seen anything like it before and wonder if anyone can identify it?

I then passed near to the trig point on Totley Moor and about a mile later reached Lady's Cross; which is rather disappointing.

It was then a short walk over to Longshaw Lodge where I was hoping to stop awhile for a pot of tea and a bit of something to eat, but the place was too busy...I would have missed my bus. I stopped for a while though and sat on a conveniently situated millstone to admire the view of Higger Tor and Carl Wark; and to look forward to my stew which would be simmering in my slow cooker at home.

Just out of curiosity I looked through the windows of the pub at Fox House, and it was very busy in there too.


  1. Circular walks are my favourite type. Your bug is a type of beetle, it's a Devil's Coach Horse. I only know that because I found one a couple of years ago and after a bit of searching, found out it what it was!

    More info about them here -

  2. Here ya go mate, in regards to the cairn.


  3. Also read this.
    It gives the whole history of the cairn.


  4. My Name is Gavin Hodgkinson and this is the truth about the Cairn: