Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fox House, Burbage Valley and Hathersage

Probably my least enjoyable walk of the year so far, spoiled by the weather...not a good way to start my blog I suppose.

Before setting off this morning I checked the BBC weather forecast and although not as promising as it was predicting yesterday 'sunny intervals and the slight possibility of a light shower'; this was good enough for me. If only that was the case though...it rained more often than not and was dark and cloudy most of the time when it wasn't actually raining.

The day got off to a bad start with the train leaving Doncaster Station five minutes late and consequently arriving at Sheffield five minutes late. I rushed to the bus stop, just hoping that the Fox House bus would be late, and it was - by seven minutes.

I popped in to the toilets at Fox House and then set off towards the Burbage Valley, taking the path at the bottom of the Valley alongside the Burbage Brook.

I soon arrived at the old packhorse bridge and then popped into the dense larch plantation to shelter from the rain and eat my sandwiches - I absolutely love the smell of larch...and pine trees generally.

As you can see in the photo, even though it was raining, there's always the risk of fire; maybe it's the resin.

Finally, I looped around the Fiddler's Elbow and took various country lanes and tracks back to Hathersage.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY - returning to Hathersage through Moorseats Wood; the sun actually shone from a few minutes.

LOW POINT OF THE DAY - when a man got on the bus and then had to take off his gloves, unbutton his coat, then fumble in his pockets to find his wallet so that he could show his bus pass to the driver.

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