Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fairholmes, Alport Castles, and Ladybower Inn

I got off the bus at Fairholmes, took some photographs at one of the nearby viewpoints and then headed straight up through the woods to the Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre.

From here I continued over Rowlee Pasture to reach Alport Castles. I love Rowlee Pasture, it's easy walking and the views are very good.

Alport Castles is the largest landslip in the United Kingdom.

I left the area of the landslip and walked across Birchenlee Pastures and then down through the pine plantation to reach the road at the bottom of the valley which goes next to the shoreline of all three reservoirs in the Upper Derwent Valley, first Howden Reservoir, then Derwent Reservoir, and finally Ladybower Reservoir. The road's closed to traffic at weekends and so I only had to be watchful of cyclists - who seemed to be especially careless and reckless today knowing that they wouldn't come across any vehicles.

At one particularly attractive spot I sat on a shady bank and spent far too long trying to observe if the sheep were eating the bluebells...and I still don't know.

South of Fairholmes the road is always open but the compensation is that there's a lovely footpath which goes much closer to the water's edge.

I arrived at the Ladybower Inn with plenty of time for a glass of Diet Coke. This is the first time I've visited the pub; it seemed to be quite busy with a lot of people ordering food.

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