Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tickhill, Harworth, and Rossington

I waited for the heaviest of the rain to pass this morning before catching the bus to Tickhill, about eight miles away.

After taking these photographs I walked down to the millpond and castle area and then across the fields and through the golf course to Harworth. There's not much to see at the castle, it's private property and is only open to the public for one day a year; the millpond is attractive but none of my photographs were any good because of the murky conditions.

The sign greeting me when I entered Harworth at least provided a bit of colour for the blog though.

I visited the church and then headed off to the north along the road leading back to Tickhill; I needed to keep crossing and re-crossing this road because of the narrow verges and poor visibility.

I briefly entered Tickhill from the east before taking a lane at the back of some industrial units. After about a mile I came across an organised metal detecting event in a field at the side of the track I was taking.

Not much later the track veered off to the left but the footpath continued straight ahead.

For a few hundred yards I was walking right next to the River Torne, the only Yorkshire river that flows into the Trent...I'm not including the River Idle because it only briefly forms a very short section of the county boundary at Bawtry.

I finished the walk at the church at Rossington - I had to wait for four trains to pass at the level crossing in the village.

My map doesn't show the new airport link road and since I don't know how the footpaths might have been diverted I decided to forfeit the final mile or so of my intended walk and caught the bus back into town at the bus stop across the road from the church.

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