Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Visit To Lincoln

A day out in Lincoln; the weather was pretty poor for photography so that's why most of the photographs are black and white. Listening to the weather forecast I feared conditions might be a lot worse though.

We parked the car in the car park on Westgate, right up against the castle walls and opposite to the most beautiful water tower I've ever seen - its building style certainly fits in well with those of the nearby castle and cathedral.

There are some pretty and interesting buildings up here at the top of the hill.

We headed towards Newport Arch, dating from the Roman period...there are several other locations of Roman ruins in Lincoln.

After walking down a pleasant narrow cobbled street we reached the back of the cathedral.

As we made our way down the hill we called in to the Usher Gallery, spending longer in there than I thought we would.

Just after opening the doors to visit the toilets I almost fell head first down the stairs.

We walked over to the new archaeology centre but weren't very impressed and so didn't stay for long.

Without knowing exactly where we'd end up next we found ourselves half way down Steep Hill, and then walked down to the main shopping area.

We popped in to St. Benedict's Church where members of the Women's Institute were serving tea and cake...very reasonably priced. We checked our watches and then steadily made our way back up Steep Hill to the car, passing by the castle and the cathedral.

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