Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gringley-on-the-Hill, Clayworth, Hayton, Tiln, and Retford

A local North Nottinghamshire walk today; the weather forecast for areas further east was slightly better than it was for the Peak District.

I've never been to Gringley-on-the-Hill before; it's one of the nearest villages to Doncaster that I hadn't set foot in until today. I've travelled through a couple of times on the bus though and taken the bypass which skirts the village quite a few times when I've been in a car. It's certainly worth spending a bit of time there, it's lovely and the views from the summit of Beacon Hill are far reaching.

Here's a link to a short video panorama I filmed on the summit.

When I got off the bus it was still quite misty and murky so I decided to walk over to an area where some conker trees [horse chestnut] were growing and sit down on the bench and eat some of my sandwiches. There were hundreds of large conkers on the ground everywhere, not just here but in several other places throughout the village. 

There were still a few conkers on the trees though.

Fifteen minutes later, when I had finished eating and got up to go and explore, the sun was shining.

It was a bit boring following a farmer's track and then walking alongside the edges of fields as I left Gringley and headed for Clayworth, there were some woodland stretches though.

I was hoping to see the Traquair Murals at Clayworth, but the church was closed, as were all the other churches I visited today apart from St. Swithun's in Retford...and I didn't go inside there.

I then crossed over the canal and walked along the towpath on the other side; there were a lot of boats moored today - some of them had come a long way.

It had been cloudy at Clayworth, and it was cloudy when I reached Hayton too; there had been a pleasant spell of warm sunshine as I walked along the Chesterfield Canal though.

The old gravestones at the back of the churchyard were having a party; irrespective of their ages they were all dancing, giving it their all and having a right old shindig.

Another boring stretch across the fields to Tiln, where I couldn't find my intended footpath; so I just continued walking towards Retford.

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