Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ladybower Reservoir In The Rain

I was walking with Maureen and Chris from Leeds today; normally Jonathan would have been joining us, but his mum's in hospital at the moment and he's been visiting her.

This was my first walk since my diabetes diagnosis and needing to take tablets to lower my blood sugar level and I was glad not to be walking on my own...just in case I might have felt a bit unwell.

Fortunately I felt fine today. I wasn't happy about the weather though; it was forecast to stay bright until teatime - but by midday the rain had started and seemed to be set for the day.

It was actually quite bright when I got off the bus at Fox House. It wasn't long until Maureen and Chris arrived in the car and we drove past Bamford and up the Derwent Valley until we reached one of the free car parking areas with a vacant space.

We walked around the reservoir in a clockwise direction, keeping as close to the shoreline as possible.

Something very rare for the blog; a photograph of me, looking miserable in the rain, taken by Maureen.

As we were walking back along the road, only a few hundred yards from the car, the 273 bus passed us on its way to Yorkshire Bridge. I knew it would only be about twenty minutes until it would be returning up the valley on its way back to Sheffield and so bade goodbye to my friends and waited for my ride in a nice warm bus.

When I got on the bus I was a little bit surprised to see many walkers on it so early in the afternoon. Like me, they must have given up on the weather and decided to go home, at least a couple of them complaining about the weather forecast.

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