Saturday, September 12, 2015

Heritage Open Days 2015

Many places which usually aren't open to the public and places where you usually have to pay have been open or have had free admission, or have organised special events or guided tours as part of the annual Heritage Open Days. So far I've managed to visit five venues ..and am planning to visit another tomorrow.

Yesterday I visited Doncaster Minster and the Air Museum in Doncaster with my support worker. I've never been inside the Minster before and was very impressed with the building; in particular the stained glass windows.

The Minster looks like a typical mediaeval building, but it isn' only dates from 1859; the original parish church burnt down.

In the afternoon we went to the air museum. I've been before and knew what to expect. In my opinion the premises are far too small, most of the exhibits are crammed into just one hangar.

Today I went on the bus to Retford and had a look inside the town hall and the parish church, and enjoyed a guided tour of the Majestic Theatre.

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