Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tickhill and Harworth

What I would class as another local walk today, even though we strayed into Nottinghamshire.

Although I'm the official walks leader for the All Together 4 Autism group here in Doncaster, it was in name only today. I don't know the Tickhill area and so we relied on Nicki, a local resident who's a member of the group, to take the lead. The walk was safe and easy; only about four miles down country lanes and farm tracks - yet still very muddy in places though. It was a pleasant change not knowing exactly where I'd be going on a walk; very nice indeed.

We gathered at the Millpond, just outside the castle gatehouse; quite a picturesque spot.

We did a loop out to Harworth, just over the boundary in Nottinghamshire, passing through Styrrup Hall Golf Club, keeping to the footpath of course, then skirting a housing estate before heading back towards Tickhill.

Apart from the golf club and a couple of short sections of road walking the terrain was mainly country lanes, farm tracks, ploughed fields, a meadow...and something I've never seen before; giant bamboo, probably used as a bio-fuel. Someone suggested it might be elephant grass.

Including a fairly lengthy stop to eat our sandwiches, the walk only took three hours; when we arrived back at the Millpond the area was very busy with people feeding the birds.

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  1. A nice walk, but if you are 'cheeky' and carry a machete you can get onto the ?disused railway line at Harworth/Bircotes, and walk all the way back to Apey Lane, Tickhill.
    A great adventure if you don't mind hacking through brambles, and breaking the odd law!