Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Animal Ski Jacket

I was looking in the charity shops in Sheffield on Monday hoping I might find a suitable coat for hiking in the winter. I was looking for something brightly coloured, warm, and with plenty of secure pockets.    

I was instantly attracted to a red coat in one of the shops; it was everything I was looking for...and more, maybe too much. It was only £7.99 though and so I bought it. 

It seemed to have some strange extra features that I'd not come across before: well, that's because it's actually a heavy-duty ski jacket. It seems to be unused - the detachable hood is missing though.

In truth I don't think I'll be using it on the moors, it's too heavy; it's designed to keep me warm when the temperature outside is -30 degrees centigrade...far colder than it ever gets in the Peak District. I might end up overheating.

It's very smart and comfortable though, so I'm sure I'll be wearing it round town.


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