Monday, May 20, 2013

Berghaus Freeflow 25+5 Rucksack: My Initial Impressions.

I've been sent this rucksack to review on the blog. I'll start with my initial impressions and then post an update in a few weeks' time when I've used it several times; probably in a variety of weather conditions, knowing the Peak District. 

Here are some photographs that I've taken.

Still Wrapped Up.

View Of The Back

View Of The Front

A Scan Of The Specifications

Well, I've never used a rucksack like this before, and I was initially impressed when I unwrapped it and examined the features; some of which I won't need to use though.

It took me a while to fathom out how to adjust the back support and the various straps, but once I put it on my back it was very comfortable and a good fit; not seeming to restrict my movement at all. Of course it was empty, I'll write about its performance when full of gear in a later post.

The lightweight rigid back support should really come in handy, preventing the material of the rucksack from coming into contact with my back, allowing air to circulate and hopefully prevent me from sweating so much. With it being adjustable I should be able to carry the weight high up near my shoulders and not in a much more uncomfortable, and less efficient, position, lower down my back. The adjustable chest harness provides extra support...and might come in handy for holding my map case securely.

There are additional features which I think would be useful for more determined hikers than me; a hydration reservoir pouch holder, an integrated raincover and walking pole attachments points.

The rucksack looks good, and feels good too...and I'm really looking forward to using it.

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