Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lodge Moor, Hollow Meadows, Dungworth, Malin Bridge, and Hillsborough.

I got off to an early start this morning; I arrived at Lodge Moor at 8:40. The number 51 is a frequent service, every ten minutes I think; so there's no hanging around at the bus station...it actually departs from Arundel Gate though. Just over an hour from Doncaster Railway Station to the edge of the Peak District on public transport is very good; although I did have to stand for most of the way.

I walked along the road for a few yards, stepping on an old Sheffield Corporation manhole cover.

I soon crossed over the road and took a path at the side of a pub which loops to the south and eventually returns back to the road about half a mile further on. Part of the path crosses some playing fields; this location is very exposed, but since it was a clear day I could see all the way to the northern horizon , where I could identify two of the three Aire Valley power stations.

At the end of the playing fields I spotted the first grammatical error of the day, but no model aircraft though; there were only early morning joggers about at this time.

I walked along the road to the car parking area and took the path which goes along the edge of the woodland and then walked across the open moorland, heading directly for the Head Stone as soon as I could see it.

From certain angles I think that the Head Stone looks like one of the Moai on Easter Island...or maybe Homer Simpson.

I then descended to the A57 Road at Hollow Meadows and climbed up the other side of the valley to reach Rod Moor, before passing a couple of farms on my way to the road which eventually goes to Lower Bradfield, I think.

I then took a fairly steep path down steps to Ughill Wood, then found myself climbing out of this valley to reach the Dungworth road. Today's walk was quite undulating: I lost count of the number of valleys I climbed in and out of.

I noticed a house with a very unusual roof as I was leaving Dungworth. I'm assuming the tyres were used to stop the slates or tiles from blowing off.

The footpath I needed is at the back of this house; it goes across heathland and through some wooded areas before reaching the River Loxley at Rowel Bridge.

The last couple of miles to Malin Bridge, and then Hillsborough, were along the bottom of the valley. Not too far from the shops at Malin Bridge I was annoyed by the sight of the second grammatical error of the day. I wonder what the legal consequences concerning compensation would have been if I was run over whilst taking this photograph?

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