Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weather Forecasts

It's recently been reported that the Met Office has lost the contract to provide the weather forecasts for the BBC. No reason has been given, it will probably be financial, but if it turns out to be because of the poor standard of recent forecasts then I wouldn't be surprised.

In my experience this year has been particularly bad for the Met Office: I'm fortunate in that because I'm disabled and don't have to go out to work I can pretty much choose when I go walking, [I'd much rather have a job - but that's not relevant here] but I can recall cancelling a walk on at least four or five occasions and then being frustrated because the weather turned out to be much better than the forecast.

One particular trend I've noticed is how often the forecasts change, and change a lot, not just a bit of fine tuning - something that makes planning any outdoor activity difficult.

Let's hope the new provider of weather forecasting services for the BBC is able to do a better job. 

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