Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's Been Longer Than A Fortnight

The last time I went walking in the Peak District was October 11th, two and a half weeks ago. I like to get out there most weeks, but I've just not been able to fit in a walk, and it might be another week until I have another opportunity.

There are several reasons why I don't go walking, the first one is when I've got other commitments such as meeting friends in town or visiting my parents, then there's the weather - I'm a fairweather walker, I don't like the wind and the rain...and I like to have good conditions for photography.

Another reason for not being able to go walking is that I often visit the theatre and this means that two days aren't available, the day when I actually go, and the following day; although once or twice I've been able to manage a local walk when I've not needed to catch a particularly early bus.

Today is a Thursday; I rarely go walking on Thursdays because it's the day my brother visits me and I meet up with friends in town. Saturdays and Sundays are my preferred days because I'm less likely to be doing anything else.

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