Monday, October 26, 2015

Derby and Bolsover

Although I regularly go walking in Derbyshire I think I've only once ever been to the city of Derby, over thirty years ago; so I thought I'd go for the day with Siobhan, my support worker, and see what I could remember...absolutely nothing at all as it turned out. I took plenty of photos though, it's been a lovely sunny day.

The first photograph was taken on the footbridge as we approached the Catholic cathedral, just at the moment when a strange hybrid Father Christmas walrus character was cycling towards us.

There are several old pubs in the city like this one.

The Anglican cathedral isn't much further. The ornate tomb of Bess of Hardwick is inside.

We then walked down to the Market Place and the main shopping area, looking for charity shops - no bargains today though.

We finished by spending a few minutes sitting at the riverside.

The plan was to then call back at Alfreton on our way home, more charity shops and tea and cake in a cafe. We ended driving three times round and through the town trying to find the car parks. There were signs for us to follow, but all of the car parks seemed to belong to supermarkets...and they were operating some sort of complicated voucher system, with the cost of parking redeemable inside the shop. Far too complicated I'm afraid, so we returned to the motorway and stopped at Bolsover, where I knew there was free parking. 

Unfortunately Bolsover was closed when we got there at three o'clock, or at least all four cafes were. We were desperate for tea and cake and so went in a pub and ordered a cup of tea and  apple and cherry crumble with cream, which was absolutely delicious.

We burned off some of the calories we had consumed by walking around the perimeter of the castle, just below the walls.

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