Sunday, January 17, 2021

Doncaster Racecourse, Sandall Beat Wood, and Cantley Park

Another local lockdown walk today; this time to Cantley Park, one of my nearest areas of open countryside...although it does involve quite a bit of walking through urban areas.

A nice bit a wordplay in the naming of this street near the aircraft museum.

To get to Cantley Park I took the path that goes at the side of the racecourse and then goes to Sandall Beat Wood. I found a different way to reach this path this morning, going through some woodland,  meaning that I didn't need to walk through the housing estate at Cantley.

Several people were actually walking on the course with their dogs, I did go onto it briefly myself to take a few photographs.

It was still quite icy in Sandall Beat Wood and some of the adjacent areas.

In Cantley Park some parts were flooded though.

I took a different route to return back home, going across some nearby fields to reach the racecourse - there are a lot of paths in this area that I shall have to return to explore. There were a lot more people on the course by now, but this part of the course is near to a convenient parking area.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

A Walk To Loversall

Another doorstep walk today, just going out to Loversall..about three miles away. I can devise a loop out to there and so only need to re-trace about a quarter of the route.

Soon after I'd left the industrial area near to where I live I spotted this hide in the woods and found the path that leads to it.

I've made several attempts to photograph this tree, I'm finally satisfied with this effort.

I ate my sandwiches in the churchyard at Loversall.

On my way back I passed through Carr Lodge Nature Reserve and briefly caught a glimpse of two very small deer, I think they might have been muntjac.

The old baths used as drinking troughs were easier to photograph though.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

More Exploring In The Don Gorge

Another local lockdown walk today. I went down into the Don Gorge exploring again and had quite an enjoyable and productive day. I found some different paths, some more cliffs, and an entirely new area of grassland where I sat in the sunshine and ate my sandwiches.

This gate was frozen and was difficult to open, it took quite a bit of pushing to release it.

I found the waterfall again: this time I was able to get a lot closer up.

I crossed over the Don Viaduct and returned to the town centre by walking along the other bank of the river.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Thrybergh Country Park, Thrybergh, Bramley, Newhall Hamlet, Hooton Levitt, and Maltby

Today's walk started at Thrybergh Country Park, on the way to Rotherham.  I walked along the eastern shore of the reservoir there, the path was very icy in places and I had to watch every step I took.

I then took the footpath leading along the edge of a field to a housing estate at at Thrybergh, this was much better underfoot, being a tarmacked surface.

I walked through the estate and then up and over the landscaped spoilheap of Silverwood Colliery; this location isn't as attractive as the ones nearer to Doncaster are. After walking through another housing estate I needed to use an urban road to reach the centre of Bramley, there are a few shops there...and this Bramley has nothing to do with the apples. I was here on Saturday when it was snowing.

More walking through yet another housing estate was required until I reached the road to leads to Newhall Hamlet, marked as Newhall Grange on the map.

I  then continued along the track to Hooton Levitt and finished at Maltby, along this section of the walk there wasn't much ice...but there was a lot of mud.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Conisbrough, Firsby, Ravenfield, Bramley, and Hellaby

The bus I went to catch this morning didn't turn up and so I did today's walk in the opposite direction to what I planned. After giving the Maltby bus fifteen minutes to arrive I decided to get on the next bus going to Conisbrough, it's a frequent service and so I didn't have to wait long. It was a bus going to Rotherham and so I had to get off where the shops are at Conisbrough and walk along Old Road to reach the bridleway that heads off to the south.

The footpath across the fields to Firsby was frozen, as almost everywhere was, and so my boots didn't get muddy at fact they were cleaner when I got home than they were when I put them on.

I did a circuit of the small disused reservoir at Firsby before continuing along the road and then across the fields to Ravenfield church.

I walked through the village and then took a path which went across the fields and through a wood to the Sunnyside area of Bramley. The parish council at Ravenfield has hung up dozens of attractive Christmas wreathes in the village, you can just about see one in this photograph.

It had started snowing as I reached the houses at Bramley and so I made my way to the nearest bus stop to check when the next bus going to Doncaster was. It was a few minutes and the snow had temporarily stopped and so I continued to Hellaby and caught the bus there.

As I was travelling home it was snowing quite heavily as the bus passed through Maltby and the villages of Braithwell and Old Edlington.