Friday, October 9, 2015

One Walk Abandoned, One Walk Postponed

Just a quick update; I've had to postpone a walk I'd planned for tomorrow and abandon today's short walk because of problems with my drains.

The plan for today was to go to Sprotbrough with Marshal, one of my support workers, do one of our regular strolls along the canal and find somewhere pleasant to eat our sandwiches, and then drive across the river and up out of the gorge to a lay-by on the Sheffield road where we were going to walk down into Steetley Quarry, an interesting location popular with mountainbikers. We'd finished our sandwiches and were on our way back to the car to drive to the second location when my mobile phone rang, it was the plumber calling to say he would be at my house in less than an hour to flush out my drains, which have been a bit sluggish for a few we returned to my house.

I've also had to postpone tomorrow's planned walk in the Peak District with Chris from Leeds because I need to be at home so that a new grate cover can be fitted.

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