Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sheffield Bus Partnership

On November 1st there are major changes to bus routes and timetables in Sheffield, the whole process is called the 'Sheffield Bus Partnership.'

There are two main changes which will affect me when travelling to the Peak District, one positive and one slightly negative. The negative change is service 272; at some times of the day it is taking a longer route in Sheffield and re-numbered as 271.

The other change is service 61/62 to Bradfield, a service I've not used before because it only operated from Hillsborough. It will now run from the city centre, Arundel Gate, not the Interchange though, but this means that there'll be a bus on this route every thirty minutes and a journey time if 30-40 minutes. On balance, not a bad deal I suppose.

When we switch over to GMT for the winter some services will naturally change to their winter timetables as they always do, but there won't be much of a reduction.

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