Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sprotbrough And Conisbrough Viaduct With Chris And Jonathan

I've done this walk quite a few times but this was the first time for both Chris, my monthly summer Peak District walking companion from Leeds, and Jonathan, another friend from Leeds.

Chris is particularly interested in walking along the routes of abandoned railway lines and so the walk incorporating  climbing up to the the viaduct would be an ideal way for the three of us to spend a few hours as Chris' wife and her friend were going round the shops in Doncaster.

I met them all Doncaster Avoiding Lineat the railway station and then Chris, Jonathan, and myself walked along the river to Sprotbrough, where we called in the pub; Jonathan and Chris had meals but I only had a pot of tea and a soft drink...I would be eating later. 

En route we passed under two railway viaducts over the Don Gorge, one carrying the Doncaster Avoiding Line, and the other which is now only used as a cycle route; we also passed under the viaduct which carries the A1(M) motorway.

After leaving the pub at Sprotbrough we took the high level path through the woods, before returning down into the gorge. When we reached the viaduct Chris took the quickest, and steepest, route up, whereas Jonathan and myself took a longer but less steep route - I'd noticed he was beginning to struggle a bit by now after five of the day's six miles.

The views from the top were marred by poor visibility, hence no photographs.

Even though the viaduct is about a hundred foot above the river, we still had to climb higher to reach the road from where we caught the bus back into Doncaster; by now Jonathan had had enough.

Back in town we retreated into one of my favourite pubs; this time I had a meal whereas Chris and Jonathan only had a drink each.

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