Saturday, April 4, 2020

Wombwell Railway Station

I like maps, geography in general, and public transport. I use buses and trains to get to the start of my walks and so I got around to thinking about which is the closest railway station to Doncaster that I haven't yet used, and what walks I'd be able to do in that immediate area?

Well, it didn't take much time to work it out; it's Bentley on the line going out to Leeds, less than two miles from the town centre. It's easier for me to travel on the bus there, and I've done all the possible local walks. 

So, I then decided to have a re-think and re-define my parameters to be the nearest railway station where there's a good choice of local footpaths that I've not previously used...and the answer is Wombwell, about ten miles away, but not on a direct line from Doncaster.

There's some nice countryside near Wombwell Station. Wombwell is a large area of rolling woodland with a few open spaces - I've walked along a couple of the paths on the edge of the wood when heading elsewhere.  Worsbrough Country Park and Mill is quite  scenic with some nice tearooms. Elsecar Heritage Centre is an interesting place to visit, it's a collection of mainly eighteenth and nineteenth century industrial buildings now used as cafes, craft shops and galleries. There's also a large antiques centre there. It's then a lovely walk up the hill across the fields to Wentworth, a charming estate village belonging to Wentworth Woodhouse, at one time either the largest private residence in England, or even Europe, or the building with the longest continual fa├žade.

There's an extensive deer park on the edge of the village, several interesting follies in the nearby countryside, a large garden centre with formal landscaped grounds, pretty cottages, plus craft shops and a small antiques some charming, slightly eccentric tearooms which I've visited a few times. I love the knitted woollen teapots, cups and sauces, and cakes they have on well as other interesting stuff. Their real cakes are delicious, too.

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