Monday, March 20, 2017

Two Churches And An Abbey

A few hours in Selby today, calling at Chapel Haddlesey and Brayton en route, to look at the churches in those two villages. I couldn't find much online about St. John The Baptist's Church at Chapel Haddlesey; it's rather unusual though, looking like a castle from certain angles...and I don't think it's very old.

St. Wilfred's Church at Brayton is a much more traditional church, and a lot older.

When we got to Selby we sat in the car and ate our sandwiches and then went to look round the shops; I bought a lightweight packable cagoule from one of the charity shops and some pansies from the market [on the way back to the car.]

We were both desperate for a pee and so so popped into the abbey to use the toilets, and linger over a pot of tea at the cafe.

Selby Abbey is magnificent, being one of only a few abbeys in the country not to be dissolved by Henry VIII in the sixteenth century - therefore it still functions as the town's parish church.

As we left the abbey I took some photographs of some rather attractive nearby buildings.

There were then a couple more charity shops to look in before returning to the car.

We didn't have much luck with the weather today, it was cloudy or drizzling all the way to Selby, and most of the time we were in the town...however as soon as we'd set off on the southwards drive home it brightened up. We called at one of our favourite places for afternoon tea, the farm cafe on the Womersley road...but unfortunately it doesn't open on Mondays.  Just to illustrate how much the weather had improved by this time I got out of the car and took this photograph.

Not to be thwarted in our endeavours we stopped at the cafe at the Crown Garden Centre and had another pot of tea, accompanied with a large cherry and almonds scone served with fresh cream and raspberry jam...delicious! 

Friday, March 17, 2017


I needed to go to Stainforth with my support worker today and so I took the opportunity to visit neighbouring Fishlake, a village I haven't previously been to because of the poor bus service and the fact that there aren't any interesting walking routes in the area.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Worksop, Rhodesia, Shireoaks, Thorpe Salvin, Lindrick Dale, Woodsetts, Cotterhill, and South Carlton.

Northern Rail drivers were on strike today so there was a limited train service to Sheffield, so I decided to take the bus and start a walk from Worksop.

The person sitting behind me on the bus was coughing and spluttering and so I got off a couple of stops early and walked down into the town centre to buy something to eat later. 

I then had to work out how to get down on to the canal towpath.

I walked along the towpath for about four miles; there is some quite pretty countryside...and a lot of locks to take photographs of. There was a short section at Rhodesia where I had to walk through a housing estate and then across some fields before returning to the canal.

I left the towpath and walked through Old Spring Wood to reach Thorpe Salvin; I walked into the village to take photographs of the ruins of old hall, and the church, and then re-traced my steps back to the point where I had left the towpath...then crossing over  a bridge and continuing on to Lindrick Dale.

Lindrick Dale is a very well-to-do hamlet, I should think that every property is worth at least half a million Pounds.

I then needed to walk along the busy road for a few hundred yards until I reached the path that leads into Anston Stones Wood; there was quite a steep climb to reach the top of the cliff for the path across fields back towards South Carlton, from where I would catch the bus back to Doncaster.

The next place I reached was Woodsetts, but only just...the path goes right along the southern edge of the village, right next to Lindrick Golf Course. There are some more expensive houses here; one even has its own missile launcher in the back garden - there is also a military aircraft and a mobile radar array...I was only just able to see these though by peeking over the high boundary wall; fortunately I'm 6ft 3ins tall. This 'well defended' property is called 'Nirvanah.'

I was able to make quick time onwards towards the hamlet of Cotterhill and then reached South Carlton. The church here is much prettier than the one at Thorpe Salvin, but by the time I got there the weather was quite overcast and so my photographs didn't turn out to be very good.

The journey back home on the bus would have been totally uneventful had the bus driver not forgot to stop at the bus-stop when I'd pressed the bell, and stood up and walked to the front, to get off. I had to stay on until the town centre...however this meant that I bumped into an old friend I haven't seen for a few years and we had a natter for ten minutes...and then I went to the foodhall at Marks and Spencer and got some bargains for my tea. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

A Photographic Tour Of Hooton Pagnell

A short visit with my support worker to take some photographs of my favourite local village, Hooton Pagnell. It wasn't the brightest day for photography but the limestone buildings still looked nice and there was a bit of colour in the gardens. I've managed to get a decent shot of most of the buildings...apart from The Hostel, which had a large marquee erected in front of it - probably for a wedding reception.